Please ensure you work within your body’s current health – check with your doctor before you do any classes if you have any doubts about your capacity. Also check that your workout space is safe and free from any trip hazards.

The Power of Movement, Entry Level Session

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

All Ages Circuit 1

All Ages Circuit 2

All Ages Circuit 3

All Ages Fitness 4

All Ages Fitness 6

All Ages Fitness 7

Qigong for Surfers and Non-Surfers (unedited)

Chi Gong Energiser

Chi Gong Energiser 2

Chi Gong Energiser 3

Chi Gong Energiser 4

Chi Gong Energiser 5

Chi Gong Energiser 6

The Web, A Guided Meditation

Savasana for Restorative Practice

Yoga Classes

Yoga 1

Yoga 2

Yoga 3

Yoga 4

Yoga 6

Yoga 7

Qigong for the workplace and home

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Savasana Guided Relaxation from Heart Yoga 

Qigong 1 with Alice MacKinnon

Streamlined Surfer Warmup

Streamlined Surfer Mindful Movement Session

Streamlined Surfer Guided Visualisation

Yoga Nidra