Organisational Workshop

“Thank you Alice, we made a formidable team.  Eighty percent of the students said their biggest takeaway was learning how to manage their breath, release stress and centre themselves through the Qigong and meditation. They loved your energy and commented on how you do everything with love and a huge heart – for the land, all people and your work.”

Bec Fox, Unleash Your Power, Business and Leadership Coach, Sheldon College Year 12 Leadership Camp

“I was absolutely amazed and drawn to Alice’s heart and the love she everything with. Everything she did was from a space of love”

Tom, Year 12 Student, Sheldon College Leadership Camp

“When we did the Qigong session it was the first time in weeks that I felt really present. My mind was peaceful, not racing around thinking of all my commitments and what I still needed to do in the next few days. It was so good for my soul to have that break from my hectic life for that time and just enjoy movement and sound and connection and nature and community.”

Manager, Not for Profit Organisation, Personal Leadership Retreat

“Qigong was a beautiful opportunity to move both physically and emotionally – letting go and taking in. I also enjoyed the reminder of making time for gratitude – to slow down and reflect on the day, or begin the day with intention”

Community-based Counsellor, Not for Profit Organisation, Personal Leadership Retreat

“Our biggest takeaways from the workshop were:

  • The power of appreciation and daily intentions
  • Taking time to pause, reflect, move and breathe
  • Team connection
  • The morning routine and intention, setting us up for the day
  • Thinking about the power of morning ritual. I have been rushed and hectic recently. Since the event I have been implementing my goal of not using my phone as soon as I wake up; and forming an intention for the day. It has been a worthwhile practice to implement
  • Embracing the now – slowing down and listening to my body”

Community Counselling Team and Administration Support Staff, Personal Leadership Retreat

“Alice has been a great mentor in helping me develop my business. Her style is holistic and nurturing and she has really helped me to stay true to myself on this path. Alice’s guidance has been amazing. 

The reality is that all of us can get ‘lonely in business’ and benefit from a fresh perspective and a safe space. Alice allowed me to explore what I really wanted and how to achieve that. This helped give me clarity and focus because I had someone to bounce ideas off.

Alice has been a great sounding board and strategist to help me focus on how to achieve my goals. I highly recommend her.”

Lisa Bancroft-Mitchell, Luna-Salt Designs

Industry Forums

Participant Feedback from ‘Co-ordinating Your Client’s Journey’ – Multidisciplinary Forum, with over 80 attendees from 14 sectors across the Gold Coast, June 2022. Alice MacKinnon spearheaded the design and implementation of this event in collaboration with Communities for Children Northern Gold Coast, and Active & Healthy City of Gold Coast. She also facilitated the event.

  • “I have been attending seminars since 2011, it is pleasing to see the progress in the acknowledgment of country, mental health language and the acceptance of the discussion around it including its importance. Also, the need for community club partnership with allied health practices and services.”
  • “Connection – there is a very real desire from all stakeholders to build greater connections across the many departments, agencies and organisations represented in the interest of better client/patient care.”
  • “It was fantastic to see the integration and connection between the different professions working towards a’ holistic care’ approach and management of our community members.”
  • “We have been unable to attend in-person events since the pandemic and this was something I personally really missed. The connection and passion felt in the room was just what I needed.”
  • “Knowledge about different wellbeing programs on the Gold Coast, and new friends.”
  • “How energised people are to network, collaborate and work together for our clients’ best interests.”
  • “How many people are seeking these connections again for their clients and work – the enthusiasm for collaboration.”
  • “How we can manage Mental Health holistically, not just a medical model.”
  • “Together we can make absolutely anything happen. I look forward to this growing BIGGER and BIGGER so that we can service our community so well that we will put the Gold Coast on the map.”
  • “Keynote speakers were inspiring.”
  • “The value of Interprofessional practice (IPP) and social prescribing.”
  • “As a PT and sole trader I’m probably less connected to the allied health professionals than they are with each other. So I was unaware of everything that’s on offer for me to help my clients. I really enjoyed meeting some people I can collaborate with and seeing the benefits of creating these relationships for my clients and my business.”
  • “This event was so beautifully orchestrated and delivered, I simply cannot wait till the next one. Thank you.”
  • “Well organised and great to meet different people who are enthusiastic about health and wellbeing. A big congratulations to the organisers.”


To Alice – My Mindfulness Guru,

Thank you for taking the time to work with me over the past six weeks. I have seen such a huge improvement to not only my sleep, but my quality of life and how I think about things. Words cannot explain the impact you have had on me and how much I have appreciated your efforts, work and support.

You radiate happiness, joy and a beautiful sense of calm. I’ve truly enjoyed our journey together.

I look forward to practising mindfulness and using all of the wonderful tools you have taught me.

Thank you!

“I felt safe and nurtured in Alice’s care. Her voice alone is like a salve. Alice delves gently to find the heart of the issue and lovingly supports you through to resolution”


Public Workshops and Retreats

“Dear Alice, when I booked for this event, I did not know what it would entail, but I put my faith in the title of the retreat. It did not disappoint. The self-reflection was a good reminder to myself. My goal (feeling) for the day was to come away refreshed and fabulous. At the end of the day this is exactly how I felt and more. Thank you for the day, and I look forward to your next retreat later in the year”

Paula, Taking Rest Retreat

“Hi Alice, thank you sooo… much for creating such an awesome retreat on Sunday. Such beautiful people and so uplifting. It has given me a lot of strength for this difficult time”

Kathy, Taking Rest Retreat

“Absolutely loved our day last weekend, Alice – what a precious moment in time to share, it had me floating through the week :) So many golden nuggets to carry through personal practice, thanks again you inspiring woman!”

Ingrid, Taking Rest Retreat

“Hi Alice, just wanted to say a big thanks again to you and Jen for the retreat on Sunday.

It was a remarkable day – so thoughtfully planned and run”

Matthew, Taking Rest Retreat

“I recently attended my second workshop with Alice and what I love most is not only the deep wisdom she shares with us but HOW she delivers it. She reminds me of sunshine! After attending the workshop, I implemented so many of the things she shared with us and truly had my best surfing day ever. I surfed for 4 hours and could have surfed much longer because I was having so much fun. If you ever get the chance to be around Alice either at her workshops or at an event, I highly recommend it. Her energy is uplifting and infectious”

Hayley, Streamlined Surfer Retreat

“I feel amazing and am looking forward to Saturday morning free surfing. Your retreat opened something up inside me and the word intent has resonated with me. Thank you so much, I could do that every Sunday after a surf.  What a beautiful group of humans to spend the day with. Exhale!”

Melissa, Streamlined Surfer Retreat