Do you feel nourished physically, emotionally, mentally?


Here we are almost face-to-face – meeting online – while outside a great big wide world circles and cycles and spins, carrying all of us along for the ride of our lives. 

As we experience the different seasons of each year, so too do we live into the  seasons of our own lives. The good, the bad, the joyous, the grief-stricken, the hilarious, the anxious, the youthful, the busy, the playful, the loving…and over time, hopefully, wisdom emerges.

Maybe I can offer a helping hand…

How is your health and wellbeing?

Are you moving as easily and gracefully as you’d like to?

How are you feeling, really feeling in your body, heart and mind?

Do you feel nourished?

Are you feeling connected and centred to yourself and your community?

Becoming a Stillness Ninja Book

My services and offerings are gathered under the umbrella of Mindfulness as a Martial Art:

  • Corporate and Organisational Speaker, Facilitator and Trainer
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Smart Sassy Seniors
  • Retreats
  • Books
  • Community Classes in Mindful Movement
  • Recorded, Online Classes in Mindful Movement
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