Coaching + Mentoring

Mentoring: A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and experience to help another person to develop and grow…

Coaching: A coach is someone who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential…

Do you have a goal – inner or outer, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, in business, work, family, community or personal – that you’d like to hone and reach with vigour and wholehearted commitment?

Or are you wanting to evolve or grow your life? To harvest your wisdom from experience and pave the way into your next season?

To give my clients the support, nourishment, motivation and skills they need, I draw on an extensive toolbox and rich life experience:

  • Clinical Tapping (Evidence Based Emotional Freedom Technique) which is a proven stress-reduction process that also addresses anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and food cravings;

  • PSYCH-K which helps overturn self-limiting beliefs and elevates positive, clear intentions;

  • Mindfulness as a Martial Art and Gritty Mindfulness – a suite of embodied practices to cultivate focus, resilience, inner energy, self-awareness, emotional self-regulation.

My work is trauma-sensitive and inclusive. I draw on a rich foundation of lived experience as well as a PhD in transformative adult learning.

If this speaks to you, contact me here and we can chat about your needs and aspirations.