Smart Sassy Seniors

Smart Sassy Seniors is the brainchild of my wife, Jennifer Jefferies (renowned international speaker on health and wellbeing and naturopath) and I.

This dynamic project is redefining what it means to age as a woman in today’s world.

We invite women of all ages to connect,  learn, share and engage with us through:

  • Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Podcast
  • One Day Live Events (and recordings)
  • Retreats
  • “Taking Off: Tales of Older Women Who Surf” documentary

The Smart Sassy Seniors are rocking the second half of our lives. We draw wisdom from our experiences; we share our wisdom, we set intentions for the next great stages in life, we are flourishing, and we contribute to our communities. We are Bold Bright and Vital.

Contact us here.