Streamlined Surfer

“Flow happens when your skill level and the challenge at hand are equal. Self-consciousness is lost, one surrenders to the moment, time means nothing and the inner critic is silenced…in surfing and in life, this is where we find ‘the still point’.”

I am excited to be exploring and evolving this new body of work in a number of forms…

…it began as a one-day, in-person, land-based retreat for surfers in January 2022. I found so much energy in the design and development of this retreat and its resources that I began to plan a book called the Streamlined Surfer. The writing of this book is now well underway.

…in February 2022, floods of biblical proportions descended upon South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Many suburbs, villages, towns, neighbourhoods and homes were inundated and devastated. We watched local and regional river systems spew enormous amounts of debris, chemicals and toxins into the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean and for many weeks, not a human soul entered the water. At the same time Russia invaded the Ukraine and Europe tilted towards war.

…many began to ponder how we might live in such cataclysmic times. I began to ponder how we might begin to metabolise – to absorb and make use of – such events so that our lives could be tuned more towards service. I adapted the one-day, in-person Streamlined Surfer to include conversations, questions and explorations about such matters. 

…now the Streamlined Surfer is becoming an online retreat that explores how we can metabolise the events of our time, how our lives might turn towards greater service and how we can mindfully cultivate flow in our lives as we navigate our challenges and activate our gifts.

Watch this space!

And in the meantime if you are interested participating in a Streamlined Surfer retreat (in-person or online) or would like to know when the book is published and available, please contact me or subscribe to my eNews.

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