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“Getting published won’t save your life but writing every day will”
Anne Lamott

I live by these words from writer Anne Lamott.

It all starts with journalling every day (remember the book “The Artist’s Way: A spiritual path to higher consciousness” by Julia Cameron and her clarion call to write your ‘morning pages’ for 15 minutes every day?)

Out of my morning pages have emerged four books so far:

  • “Becoming a Stillness Ninja: Reflections on Resilience, Recovery and Love” (2023)
  • “Surfing as a Dance: How one woman found grace in and out of the water” (2018)
  • “the dharma of surfing: wisdom from the water for life” (2016)
  • “Expanding Green Strategies: Creating change through negotiation” (2006) [This was my PhD published as a book].
Become a stillness ninja: Reflections on Resilience Recovery and Love

All my books are available to purchase at online bookshops like Amazon. You can also buy “Becoming a Stillness Ninja”, “Surfing as a Dance” and “the dharma of surfing” here from my online shop (where I can personalise a special message for you).

I enjoy freelance feature writing too for intelligent, creative outlets like MiNDFOOD Magazine and the Griffith Review.

I am also a spoken word storyteller and have appeared at the Byron Bay Surf Festival, Waterpeople Podcast, Gold Coast Libraries and Bosom Buddies.

You are most welcome to contact me here if you would like to discuss any speaking or storytelling for your event or organization.